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09/07/12 09/07/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from charlotte, north carolina, this is "democracy now!" we are breaking with convention: war, peace, and the presidency. we are broadcasting from the democratic-to convention, inside and out. >> we don't think the government can solve all our problems, but we don't think the government is the source of all of our problems. any more than our welfare recipients or corporations or unions or immigrants or gays, or any other group we're told to blame for our troubles. >> president obama accepts the democratic nomination in charlotte, asking voters for four more years. we host a debate on the obama presidency with glen ford of black agenda report and michael eric dyson, professor at georgetown university. >> what is it going to be like under romney and ryan? like that song, if you think you're lonely now, wait until overnight. see how extremely difficult and complicated and nightmarish our future could be. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy go
09/05/12 09/05/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from charlotte, north carolina, this is "democracy now!" breaking with convention -- war, peace, and the presidency. we are broadcasting from the democratic nafta convention. >> if a young preacher could lift us to the mountaintop with his courageous dream and proud american can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely, surely, we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great american dream. michelle obama on the opening of the democratic national convention. we will air excerpts of her speech as well as fair pay advocate lilly ledbetter and san antonio mayor julian castro. then no paper, no fear. 10 undocumented activists are arrested for blocking a street just outside the time warner cable arena. >> fighting for our rights, our rights to work, our rights to be with our families. >> that it is party time. at&t, duke energy and time warner, coca-cola and bank of america. we will look at the corporate sponsorship parties here in charlotte with the sunlight foundat
in charlotte, north carolina, where we have major changes going on. organizers today announced they are changing the location of the big speech because the weather is bad. it has been bad for days. they talking about lightning tomorrow. rather than speaking in the open air to 70,000 people at bank of america stadium, the president will address the nation from here, inside the time-warner cable arena. unlike the stadium down the road, this has a roof but it holds 40,000 fewer people. safety is the primary concern. a staffer said, the last thing we want is a stadium full of people with lightning breaking out. and now, james has a preview of the former president clinton's speech. but, first, ed, what do we hair about moving the speech? i bet it cost a lot of money. >>reporter: a lot of reworking of plans. the president just arrived air force one and we told by the aides he is pleased with what first lady michelle obama did last night. they are very disappointed in the campaign and in the white house, that they have to move the venue from the outdoor stadium, holding 65,000 to abou
night's grand finale here in charlotte, north carolina. but we start off as always, let's find out the latest, today's current news update, lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hey, lisa, good morning. >> hi, bill. good morning everyone. bill is still there. most convention goers are packing up and heading home this morning after a rousing and emotional final night at the dnc in charlotte. president obama's speech has a convention hall at full capacity. officials had to turn away hundreds of people. nearly four hours before the president took the podium. it was not exactly the soaring rhetoric we're used to coming from mr. obama but it was effective nonetheless. >> we can give more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas or we can start rewarding companies that open new plants and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america. >> mr. obama laid out specific goals and proposals for his second term in office. touching on the economy education, medicare, veterans and making a powe
across this great land of ours again from charlotte, north carolina capitol of the democratic national convention, and day two of the democratic national convention. what a great night last night. julian castro, giving the keynote speech and michelle obama giving the most powerful speech of the night. we'll hear from elizabeth warren and vice president joe biden here tonight. what a difference between here and charlotte, and the lackluster event in tampa last week. we'll have randi weingarten. but first the current tv update from lisa ferguson. >> hi bill. good morning, everyone. the dny continues tonight with a knew round of speakers. elizabeth warren will stand united with president obama in protecting the middle class and take this opportunity to sell herself to voters in massachusetts. of course warren up for the senate seat there against scott brown. and we'll hear from bill clinton, nancy pelosi sandra flock, and planned parenthood presidency seal richards. meanwhile this ad starts out looking like an obamaed a, but it is from the super pac. president obama
live from charlotte north carolina and the democratic national convention. first of all michelle obama is the feet ushed speaker at tonight's opening ceremonies and this is a far different convention than we saw last week in tampa. you're going to see a lot more delegates, about 5500 of them, much more diversity among the delegates here. more latinos than ever before. more african-americans than ever before. and a convention that's much more focused on the issues. no mystery guest either. no mystery guest. no empty chairs. we'll cover it from one end to the other. first, let's take a brief time-out to get the latest latest from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the democrats have a lot to live up to this week after their convention in 2008. and here are a few things to watch out for as the dnc kicks off today. first off this is the democrat's big chance to make their case to american voters and respond to republican's attacks last week. more than 2/3 of people say they
after the hour. we roll along here in charlotte north carolina here at the democratic national convention. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: okay. last day of convention coverage, we are if it's possible all drunk and hungover however, jacki schechner has pneumonia, and she worked convention coverage last night and she is this morning and tom brokaw has some questions for you. >> i want to break into your medicine cabinet and see if you have any cccozapron or any other medications that might be administered hhhhhorl. >> she is a health care expert so she might have some of that. >> stephanie: should i go there, what you said about jacki schechner and orally. >> oh don't go there. >> stephanie: all right. we love you. >> i love you guys. miss you terribly, can't wait for you to come back. we kept an eye on twitter and the president was generating the most compensation. his speech generated a record genera
and peace report. i'm amy goodman. from charlotte, north carolina, this is "democracy now!" we are breaking with convention: war, peace, and the presidency. "democracy now!" special daily to our coverage from the democratic national convention inside and out. speakers on the second night of the democratic national convention wednesday included massachusetts senate candidate elizabeth warren and former president bill clinton, who gave the keynote. but the speaker who took center stage at the top of the 10:00 primetime hour is not a politician, but a recent law school graduate who became famous when she was insulted by rush limbaugh after she attempted to testify at a congressional hearing in favor of insurance coverage for contraception. sandra fluke was a student at the georgetown university law center back in february when republicans barred her from speaking on a house panel about the obama administration's birth control mandate. instead, the panel featured only men. three democrats walked out in protest. the next day, sandra fluke appeared on "democracy now!" and later had a chance to te
the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina, and the president's speech. organizers say it's expected to be one of the largest watched parties in the country. and ktvu's ken pritchett is live in charlotte with how delegates are scrambling to secure a seat now that the president's speech has been moved to a much smaller venue. >> reporter: california's delegation got a taste of what to expect tonight, after their experience last night when many guests were not allowed into the arena, just as president clinton was about to speak. it was all due to overcrowding. to see musical acts such as mark anthony warm up, there is reason to be at the convention early. but eight hours early? >> i got here at 2:00 just to make sure that i have a good seat. >> reporter: delegate javier gonzalez was not the only one. we found delegates catching up on work, others sleeping in their coveted seats. others tagged with familiar names, trying to save a spot. why? >> yesterday was a very crazy night, people trying to fight for spots, whenever was open. >> reporter: they say tonight will be worse. >
:00 the president making a final campaign stop before he heads to charlotte, north carolina, to accept the democratic nomination. speaking in the battleground state of virginia, the president offered a bit of preview of the prime time speech this thursday night. >> on thursday night i will offer what i believe is a better path forward. a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle class and grow our economy. >>shepard: the president has blamed the predecessor for getting the economy in the mess that it is and when a school come reporter asked him to grade the performance he gave himself an incomplete. >> what grade to you give yourself? i would say "incomplete." historically after the big financial crises where a lot of people are dealing with debt or a collapse of the housing market, that creates bigger challenges and we are seeing this not just in the united states but around the world. >>shepard: this is not the first time the president is giving himself an incomplete on the economy but with 60 days until the election the republican rivals are pouncing. a fox poll foun
it was four years ago. did he make the case for four more years? now, live for news charlotte, north carolina, with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, it was a long speech. that is what we have come to expect with former president clinton. there was last minute drama. but he pretty much stuck to his script and made the case for president obama. in fact, as he wrapped up, president obama emerged on stage, there, at the convention, thanking him for the endorsement. the clinton speech touched on the economy and his reasoning for why the recovery has taken so long. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully prepared all the damage that he found in just four years. >> he stressed the need to work across the party lines but that sentiment came with tart dan attacks, too, going after republicans who held their convention last week in florida. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president's re-election, was, actually, pregnancy syma -- simple and snappy
convention, they are expected to touch on the issues. it kicks off in charlotte, north carolina. local reps are down in charlotte for the dnc. governor o'malley and congressman, hoyer and edwards as well as mikulski. the speech is from michelle obama and leian castro. the dnc will wrap up thursday when obama gives his address. >>> the dnc has gotten off to a soggy stat but here is something, a tower cam captured a rainbow over charlotte, north carolina, as storms passed through the area. >>> we had rainy weather across our region. i guess you say this is going to come for a few more days. >> it is going to linger. we have the remnants of isaac moving in across the area. we will have this until wednesday and showers around in to thursday. we can see what is going on, i'm going to zoom in closer. we have a few showers lingering, frederick county, carroll county, to the north and east. if you are heading to pennsylvania, this morning, you are going to run in to heavier rain showers across the area. they have flood watches and warnings in the vicinity. temperatures, once again, very warm outsid
>>megyn: welcome back to the time-warner cable arena in charlotte, north carolina. this is usually a basketball facility. would plays here? the charlotte bobcats. if you want to watch a sports fan, you should not be watching me but you should stay tuned for shepard smith who has made it to charlotte. he is ready to continue programming with you. welcome back. >>shepard: there is no hurricane. have you had a nice time? >>megyn: no one is here. >>shepard: good to see you. the democrats are not the only ones campaigning here this week. we will have details on the speech from the vice presidential nominee, paul ryan, in his key battleground state. with a day until the democratic national convention kicks off, we are learning more about the platform on issues from economy, to abortion, to immigration rights. and across the state of louisiana and the gulf coast, hundreds of thousands are reportedly without power after the complete drenching from the hurricane. we are live in new orleans. it is all coming up, unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" this afternoon. firs
for the country. >>shepard: thank you, james, from charlotte, north carolina. that's president obama's side and well have more of a look ahead to tonight's speech, and his rival, governor romney, has been keeping a low profile but his vice presidential nominee, ryan, is way out there today and now we are getting word from him on his thoughts about last night's speeches and how this particular convention has been going. well hear more on that in a minute and look at what we heard from speakers of the dnc last night and how much holds up to scrutiny in fact check type as we approach news time. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you ne home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? itust came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it re
...(nats) (nats)and t's in nascarr country...charlotte, north caro. carolina.why this particular part of the country...might be a hard sell for president obama. ((bump out)) 3 gearing up for its national convention in charlotte.but in about politics it's nascar- brianna keilar rrports.. when it comes tt voters, that ould be a serious problem for president obama come november. november. --reporter pkg-as follows -- charlotte, north carolina ... fame, this is the epicenter engine-revving spoot. (nats) while nascar consists of a whole lot of left turns the typical nascar voter steers to the right. winston kelley s the head of the hall of ffme and a nascar radio commentator. (reporter: this might not group for him.)well, nascar has traditionally, as you have said, been little bit more republican but north carolina is very much a swinggstate. (reporter: so who is your driver?)probably dale jjnior. stephen elliott just happens during convention week.i am kind of little disappointed. he came in with the bigg fanfare and a lot of hope and promises. i don'ttthink he fulfilledd
, delegates will begin arriving in charlotte, north carolina, for the convention. brandi hitt is in charlotte, already. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: today, they're taking over the streets of charlotte. they're starting to put up a stage behind me. this is a kickoff party. in fact, the first big name to arrive today is first lady michelle obama. >> it is time to move forward, that's the choice in this election. >> reporter: this week, it's the democrats' turn to rally support behind president obama and his bid for a second term. the stage is set in charlotte, with democrats billing their national convention the most open convention in history. >> front row, right up front and personal. >> reporter: democrats are using star power to get their message across, all week long. including appearances by eva lon goe ya, james taylor, mary j. blige, and the foo fighters. they're in bank of america stadium. >> all: enough is enough. >> reporter: hundreds protested the big banks on the streets on friday. on his tour, the president continues to criticize his opponent's speech. >> the governor knows
. >>> in decision 2012 tonight, the spotlight is shifting to charlotte, north carolina, and that is of course where the president says he will offer what he calls a better path forward. nbc's steve handelsman is in charlotte with the latest. >> reporter: arriving for the democratic convention, delegates from florida hope this week boosts their efforts in the biggest battle ground. >> florida is a tough state. it's going to be down to the wire. what is always nice about the convention, it ramps everybody up. >> reporter: charlotte has become a kind of obama fest. >> we're excited. students in general are. >> reporter: college democrats in town, grateful the president kept rates low on student loans. >> he helped me, i'll help him. we're in this together. we build things together. >> reporter: president obama is crisscrossing battle ground states on his way to charlotte. today colorado talking about his gm and chrysler bailouts. >> i bet on american workers and i bet on american manufacturing and today the u.s. auto industry has come roaring back. >> he defended obama care. >> i don't know exactly wh
, then goes to louisiana, batter bid hurricane isaac.ç nbc news, charlotte, north carolina. >> now for more perspective on this week's dnc, marla tellez sat down with our political analyst. >> what are the main differences for the dnc? >> democrats have to say look, wait a second, you heard both sides. let us tell you how we've been working, how we are trying to improve your future, let us tell you some of the things the republicans said that really weren't true. so just like the democrats, had their people at tampa, to offset anything that the republicans said, the republicans are going to have their troubleshooters at charlotte. so it's really guerrilla warfare. nine weeks to go, nobody can take a break. they have got to do their best. >> mitt submit gaining ground in the polls, we're nine weeks from the election. what does obama need to do to secure a second term? >> first of all, from convention typically we see a bump. so the polls this weekend should probably show a 3, 4, 5 percentage points above for rom they which would put him in the lead in terms of the national race. if the democ
. the national convention is officially underway in charlotte, north carolina. democrats will adopt a party platform today that is in sharp contrast with the republican blueprint. they are calling for higher taxes on wealthier americans. also supporting same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the first lady will be the keynote speaker tonight as she makes a case for her husband's reelection. she did her practice walk-through of the stage yesterday. mark matthews is in charlotte, north carolina he will be reporting live from the democratic convention. you can get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. >>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is stumping for votes today in ohio where he told supporters that america is not better off after nearly four years of president obama's leadership. ryan says the president will say a lot of things thursday night, but he will not be able to convince voters they are better off now than four years ago. >> still ahead, we will stay on top of that breaking news, the shooting of a chp officer and susp
for a second term. mark matthews is live from charlotte north carolina with more on mark, the culmination of the event in a very big night. >> this will be a big night for the president. a lot riding on it. we expect him to say that in november, jortz will face not just a choice between two candidates but two different paths for america. the goal? convince vote qlorz have not been happy the direction of the country. four years ago the president offered america hope and change. tonight needs to convince increasingly skeptical voters he can till deliver. and the task will be outlining what he'll do in a second term. >> i think folks swril a clear sense of where he thinks the country needs to go economically. path we need to take. >> this is a tough sell. 31% of the country say the country is on the right track. >> the voters are unhappy with the jobs the president has done but aren't ready to subtle. >> -- settle. >> tonight's scene will be a scaled down version. and the campaign said the risk of bad weather forced them to move it inside. republicans saying democrats are just scared they wo
in charlotte north carolina. vice president joe biden is expected to conclude his speech in just minutes. president obama is expect to speak in about fifteen minutes. two hours ago former arizona congress woman gabrielle recited an emotional pledge of allegiance. craig has a look at the day's other highlights. >> reporter: a celebratory tone. the delegates were mindful of the job they're here today. >> it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of the united states, my father, my hero, joe biden. >> other key speakers tonight. caroline kennedy, the daughter of former president john. if kennedy. >> over the past four years we've had a president that's committed himself and administration the values that made america break. >> 2004 presidential nominee john carry. >> mitt romney doesn't know about foreign policy. but he has all these neocon advisors who know all the wrong things about foreign policy. he would rely on them, after all he's the great out sourcer. >> the finale of the convention was originally planned to be held at the outdoor football stadiu
's being held without bail. >> tonight the democrats kicked off their national in charlotte, north carolina. >> the most popular star of the party, first lady michelle obama. >> reporter: tonight first lady michelle obama, brought down the house. her speech was personal. she spoke about the president's values and judgment during challenging times. >> we didn't have much in the way of material possessions but they had given us something far more valuable. their unconditional love. >> reporter: mrs. obama said to keep the country moving forward, they need to give her husband four more years. for the first time, more women disapprove of the president than approve. he's down 11 points since april. in addition to women, the president needs latinos to turn out for him on election day. so san an san antonio mayor cast row will be speaking. he's an up and comer in the democratic party. >> my mother fought hard for civil rights, so instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. >> reporter: castro said tonight the republican ticket just doesn't get it. >> we all understand that freedom isn't free.
spotlight shifts down to charlotte, north carolina, the site of the democratic national convention. president obama says he will offer a better path forward. the events begin on tuesday, but delegates and politicians already arriving tonight. steve handlesman has more. >> reporter: delegates from florida hope this -- their efforts. >> florida's a tough state. it's going to be right down to the wire. what is always nice about the convention, it ramps everything up. >> reporter: charlotte has become a kind of obama fest. >> oh, we're very excited. students in general are. >> reporter: college democrats in town, grateful the president kept rates low on student loans. >> he's helped me, i'll help him. we build things together. >> reporter: president obama is crisscrossing on the way. >> i bet on american workers and i bet on american manufacturing, and today, the u.s. auto industry has come roaring back. i don't know exactly what the other side has proposed. >> reporter: biden was this pennsylvania locking mitt romney and paul ryan last week. >> these guys say the president's out of to
>>> right now democrats descending on charlotte, north carolina. >>> brace yourself for terrible traffic tuesday. why tomorrow could be one of the worst days of the year on the road. >>> the threat of flooding is not over in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood. >> i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. jim vance is on assignment at the democratic national convention. >>> the remnants of hurricane isaac could cause hask for tomorrow's commute. >> doug kammerer tells us what to expect. >> you add in everybody going to work and school and you are dealing with a mess on the roadways because of the weather too. the dew point of 74, humidity way up there right now. we have a heat index of 82 at this hour. it shows you the moisture in the atmosphere. all we need is a spark. the remnants of isaac are off to our west. and more rain up in the baltimore area where they have seen a lot of rain during the day today. this is the rain to the south that will make its way up here throughout the rest of the night. is it not moving through the area very fast. some areas could see 1 to 2 inche
national convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolina, but the party is already going in the queen city. the convention's host committee put on a day long street celebration called carolina fest 2012. over at bank of america stadium crews are putting final uches in place before president obama gives his nomination acceptance speech on thursday. democrats are now preparing their counter to the republicans' message last week in tampa, but so far the party finds itself on the defensive responding to questions of whether america is better off today than it was four years ago. emily schmidt has more on how democratic leaders are answering those questions. >> reporter: just as charlotte, north carolina, prepares to be the center of the democrats' political universe this week, party leaders found themselves talking as muff about the past four years as about the up-- much about the past four years as about the upcoming few days. it started with the sunday talk shows. >> can ask you honestly say people are better off today than four years ago? >> no, but that's not the question of this ele
national convention. we are in charlotte north carolina with the very latest. >> reporter: democrats starting to go to charlotte for their national convention but before the president and vice president arrive they are on the campaign trail. today the president rallied supporters in colorado at one of his largest events yet. >> when the governor finally had a chance to reveal the secret sauce he didn't offer a single new idea. >> reporter: and in pennsylvania the vice president went on the attack against the foreign policy of romney. it was a rare detour in a campaign focused on the economy. >> he said it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring all of our warriors home. he said it was a mistake to set an end date for the warriors in afghanistan and bring them home. >> reporter: after blitzing the campaign trail romney is back home in new hampshire. he went to church with his family this morning while democrats rally in charlotte the republican candidate will be off the trail. in charlotte today hundreds of demonstrators took to the street. organizers called it marching in ro
charlotte, north carolina. we'll see you tomorrow. >>> three days after he accepted the republican nomination, mitt romney's twitter account surpassed the 1 million mark. romney thanked followers and made a point to call his followers active. some high profile figures have been accused of beefing it up with fake accounts. president obama's campaign page has more than 19 million followers. >>> the obama administration introduced one ofs it big secrets, the white house beer making recipe. two brews are made with honey harvested from the white house beehive. it comes after the online brewing community filed a freedom of information act request. >> freedom of information act for the beer resty. great. all right. i'm jamie costello. coming up all new at 6:00, how often do you text compared to how often you talk. we look at how your fingers are doing all the talking instead of your lips. >>> plus, buying a new home can be confusing. abc2 news is working for you to make sure you don't get scammed when it comes to your deed. those stories and more at 6:00. bp gasoline with invigorate. whic
charlotte, north carolina, this is the democratic national convention, hope and change, ii. it'd be less weird than if he didn't run. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) my name is jon stewart. charlotte, north carolina. my guest tonight new york senator kirsten gillibrand. it 150es 1:00 on the east coast. i imagine the cowboys game wrapping up and tonight's speaker bill clinton is about a quarter of the way through. (laughter) (as clinton) you remember my tax relief bill in' 912348 let me recite it to you from memory. we have full team coverage starting with span that bee at the convention center. sam bee. >> i'm not there yet. a lot of security in
-- again from charlotte, north carolina, this is the democratic national convention, hope and change, ii. it'd be less weird than if he didn't run. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) my name is jon stewart. charlotte, north carolina. my guest tonight new york senator kirsten gillibrand. it 150es 1:00 on the east coast. i imagine the cowboys game wrapping up and tonight's speaker bill clinton is about a quarter of the way through. (laughter) (as clinton) you remember my tax relief bill in' 912348 let me recite it to you from memory. we have full team coverage starting with span that bee at the convention center. sam bee. >> i'm not there yet. a lot of security in charlotte. (laughter) i'm still at a checkpoint on church and west 10th. i can't get through, charlotte police tell me access point has been switched to the corner of south church and east third so i guess i'm going to head there. (applause) >> sam, don't bother. >> pelley: jessica williams? >> i'm at south church and east third. you're not going to get through here, it's locke
the president will head to charlotte, north carolina for the democratic national convention. breanna is already there. is he writing his own speech or fine tuning it? >> reporter: he has been busy on this trip that athena is on. he has been busy writing his speech. we know he has been accompanied by his chief speech writer. and he has certainly been working on it. he has given the crowd on this trip a peek as he is talking about things we have heard before. there is a choice and between him and between mitt romney. he is going to sort of i think be framing it as such that as we have heard him say before that mitt romney he said the ideas that he gave during his convention was reruns and said you might as well been looking at it on a black and white television. you will be hearing him talk about pressing forward and the discussion of optimism that we have heard throughout some of his campaign rallies. and he'll be framing mitt romney as kind of trying to go backwards. let me tell you a little bit about what is going on in charlotte. if we can pan over and i will ask you to ignore the stand holdi
i'm asking you for a second term. >> we will take you live to charlotte, north carolina, to preview this week's democratic convention in a moment. mr. obama's republican rival, mitt romney, attended church today in new hampshire. his wife, ann, was by his side. new hampshire is one of those all-important swing states that could decide this race. romney has crossed the 1 million mark in twitter followers. he sent a tweet that reads "1 million active followers. thanks, everyone, for your support. help us keep the momentum going." he also added a link to a donation website for his campaign. >>> in afghanistan, u.s. special operations forces have suspended the training of afghan police recruits effective immediately. the move follows reports that more than 40 nato members have been killed this year by insurgents dressed as police or afghan soldiers. 14 were killed in august alone. u.s. forces will revent all current members for reinstating the training. >>> the reverend sun myung moon is dead, the controversial leader of the unification church, best known for conducting mass weddings, s
from the democratic national convention. we are in charlotte, north carolina. we will be joined next by bill richardson, the former "west wing" actor and others to give us a preview of the michelle obama upcoming speech. stay here as "hannity" continues from charlotte, live. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell yr doctor if you have kidy problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you ta, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if yr breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing ure. other side effects include dry mouth and cons
in charlotte, north carolina with a preview for us. >> reporter: good morning. the aim campaign says democrats plan to -- the obama campaign says democrats plan to build on how to move the economy from the middle class out. tens of thousands converging on charlotte, north carolina for the democratic national convention. along with president obama's supporter are his critics as anti-obama demonstrators gather in the city. >> people feel really rejected. >> these democrats are not what they seem and people have to understand that. that is the message i'm bringing. >> reporter: the president's team laying out the case identify second term and framing mitt romney's approach to the economy as a return to republican policies of the past. >> what mitt romney is going to offer america is top down trickle down fairy dust. it didn't work then. it is not going to work now. >> reporter: president obama continuing the theme while speaking to students at the university of colorado sundays. giving this critique of last week's republican national convention. >> despite all the challenge that we face in this n
from fox this labor day night. good evening from time warner cable arena in charlotte, north carolina on the eve of the democratic national convention. tomorrow, democrats from across our land will meet here to begin the process of, again, nominating barack obama for the presidency. the president will accept that nomination or that's the plan on thursday at bank of america stadium. in 2008, the president turned this state blue for the first time in nearly four decades. now, democrats are looking for a repeat. but republicans are putting up a fight. today, 200 miles to the east of us in greenville, north carolina, the vice presidential nominee paul ryan held a campaign rally at east carolina university. more on that and his labor day message coming up inside fox report. first we begin with president obama. he visited the contested swing state of ohio today to meet with auto workers in toledo. the president was there to talk about the economy and jobs. the national unemployment rate of course is .3%. no -- is 8.3%. no president since roosevelt have won with a higher unemployment rate of
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